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Meet Cornelia

About 20 years ago, I struggled health wise, was in a lot of pain and I didn’t understand why.

I tried EVERYTHING. I went to doctor after doctor. I tried all of the tips and tricks. I followed many different therapies; from acupuncture, Chinese teas, massages, five-element nutrition, concoctions and potions. I went through heavy hormone procedures. Asked A LOT of my body.

A little light of hope would shine when I found a new straw to grasp. Hopeless would follow when it did not work. I was depressed, full of artificial created drugs, in a lot of persistent pain and desperate to find answers.

These were dark times for me and I had lost myself along the way without even realizing.

I decided to take my well-being in my own hands and started to study alternative medicine. I worked with mentors and eventually opened my own practice. On this journey I met this lovely lady who shared with me new knowledge that inspired me to a completely different approach of healing!

I found ways to make changes. Soon, I was back on track emotionally, physically and mentally.
My life had completely changed and I rediscovered who I am. A woman of purpose, happiness and liberation. I now live a life that I never imagined or thought was possible. Yet, here I am, remarried and living happily in a tropical place with our four fuzzy cats.

My deep passion is to share things that I have experienced and have helped me to take charge of my life. I love to inspire and encourage others to find themselves within so that they can live vibrantly and shine from the inside and out.

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