Aroma Lounge - Ask, Share & Experience
Aroma Lounge
Learn what essential oils can actually do for you here in Panama!
Ask, Share & Experience

This is an event where you'll get to:

smell, taste, see, touch, ask questions and share experiences!
many essential oils, from plants you're already familiar with like Lavender, to more exotic resins like Frankincense, easy to use blends - and we will be talking about general everyday activities like sleep, workout and work as well as Panama specific challenges such as intense sun exposure and mold.

You have more questions? Bring them!! 

Your Aroma Lounge ticket includes:
a bunch of different Essential oils to experience
10 years of Aroma & Naturopath experience
2 options to choose lunch menu (see below)
Q&A + a lovely time

If you're someone who wants to know:

What are essential oils?
When do they work (or not)?
How do they work?
 Can they work for me? 
How do I use them?
How do I choose them?
What's the best value?

then this event might be for you.

We start at 12:30! 
Ticket $15 - including lunch 
(options: vegan or vegetarian + tax & service)

Event Location: Dodó - Vintage Shop & Café

Option 1 (vegan)
Lentil Soup
Thai Quinoa Bowl with Vegetables 
& Avocado (includes peanuts)

Option 2 (Vegetarian)
Lentil Soup
Quiche (Feta & Parmesan cheese, mushrooms, spinach) 
& Green Salad

Carrot cake (lactose & egg free)

Want to join?
Click the teal register button and let's go!

Looking forward to meet and talk to you!