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I get it. Natural Living can be confusing and a tad overwhelming. Glad you are here, I've got YOU! I am excited to offer you my wellness inspirations ! Each month a different topic with short and fantastic weekly tips to help you become confident in this Natural Living Lifestyle without the overwhelm. Some months will have mini-challenges and the option to receive more info on a topic. Simple info that will help you shape 2022 into what you need it to be.

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Meet Cornelia

Hey there! So glad that you are here! I'm Cornelia Mikolash, German, living abundantly in beautiful Panama, Central America, sharing simple wellness programs and routines online and offline. 

Knowing what, when and how to support your, your loved ones health and our planet on a daily basis gives us confidence and freedom to live wellness with purpose and in abundance.

Walk with me as we are creating a community of individuals all over the globe who become aware that we have our wellbeing in our own hands.

I'm on a mission to empower women living abroad to take their health journey into their own hands no matter where they choose to live. Different environments, life journeys and climate zones request individual wellness plans 
to be, feel and look better while aging well.

For me, this looks like exploring the country with my man and best friend, cuddle times with our cats by working from our dream destination, enjoying the tropics.

It took some doing to get here though, and the journey wasn't always easy... 

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