Knowing what, when and how to improve 
your health on a daily basis is liberating.

It's time to take your wellbeing into your own hands and live a relaxed lifestyle while exploring. 

I am on a mission to help you knowing what, when and how to implement simple steps,  habits and routines to improve your health on a daily basis..

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Hi, I'm Cornelia Mikolash

... and one day, I was standing there, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work, health issues and life obstacles without a clue where and how to start, I mean .. broken down into one step after the other, little pieces to swallow. steps. 

Following simple small steps, that turned into routines - and routines into habits - helped me physically, emotionally and mentally to get out of the slump into moving and thriving again - just step-by-step.

When you don't feel well, there are so many ways and tips that might be confusing and overwhelming. Where to start? With all at once? What are the priorities? To change all the things at once is so challenging and it brings us sometimes in a paralized empty space of .. holy moly, what do I do? How can I do that? 

Is that you? Tired of being tired and confused? Let's talk.
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