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living LIFE. in BALANCE. with PASSION.

After I started using oils and natural supplements, for a long time, I did not want to share or talk about them, I kept them as "my secret" and they changed our daily lives so much - that I realized "people need to know"!! - that they can help themselves every single day.
 My clients found help between our appointments, they were not helpless anymore - I was so over the moon happy about that. Empowering is for me the highest goal and passion. So, I started sharing with our friends and loved ones how to use them too... . 

It quickly became my mission to help others to reignite their health foundations, living a low toxin lifestyle and also providing for our family while doing it. 

Being able to teach other women all over the world to be empowered by their own wellness journey has been incredible, 
and I founded - Life. Balance. Passion. - it's a community of like-minded people sharing natural living wins, tips, and tricks!
You can be part of it too! Come join us!!

New to essential oils?

So, essential oils! In our family, we have seen success using essential oils for sleep, stress, supporting healthy immune systems, household cleaning, cooking and a whole bunch of other things.

This is what I use and here is why:
Young Living is totally different than any other oil you can buy because of its Seed to Seal process. They are the only company that has 25+ years of experience, you can actually walk on any farm they own (no one else owns farms) and see how they distill. The way they distill and the beyond organic farming methods is why their oils are able to be used the way we do - topically on skin and pets and plants, and why they are able to be taken as dietary supplements.

Does non-toxic living really matter?

In today’s world, some of the most dangerous things that affect our health are things we willingly expose ourselves to on the daily. And some of these things might not be what you expect! In fact, you might be completely oblivious to the fact that the products we use on ourselves, in our home, on our children, and in our everyday lives, could be the very things that are contributing to why we’re sick, why we have health problems, why we struggle emotionally, and why we are not living a life full of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Lady, I GET IT. I get the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Even being a little skeptical. Please know, I'll meet you where you are. It's not scary, not expensive, and will ease your mind.

What is this juice anyway?

Let me be clear, it's not a weight loss juice (although I have lost some pounds😏). It's a juice packed FULL of the good stuff. The good stuff that's helping our family and community with inflammation and ENERGY! When inflammation starts to go down, it's possible to feel those effects in so many ways. Our bodies are amazing!!

Hello wolfberries and antioxidants! Get your gut right and your brain will thank you.... 
"All disease begins in the gut.”-Hippocrates (father of medicine)

I'm not going to make any promises for you BUT so many will agree with me that THIS STUFF IS THE GAME CHANGER!!
We also have our FREE community Hub where you will find daily essentials and also how we are using this juice in an 11 day reset that has sustainable changed our world!

Here is how to get started...


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Start filling your cart with all the products you want! You can easily shop by category, or use the search bar to find what you’re looking for. 
Want the easy button, with some of my favorite bundles and products already highlighted for you to choose from? 

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Unlock your 24% discount by filling your cart with 100PV or adding any item to Loyalty Rewards!

Subscribe to Save is Young Living’s monthly custom wellness box. You choose what goes in it, the ship date, the frequency, and there is no minimum order. It’s crazy easy to use and flexible, just how it should be!

The best part, though? You will earn Loyalty Rewards of 10-25% back to spend like store credit on whatever you want, when your order is 50pv or more.
Pretty much living the dream once you start switching out all your personal care and cleaning products to the non-toxic YL version - and it shows up to your door - and you’ll be getting rewarded for keeping your family healthy - SWEET.

It's the best way to get clean, safe, and effective essential-oil infused products into your home, at the best value possible!

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Make sure to use my link above, or use use my referral ID - 1772881 - to have access to our Living Well Co. community and be on my team! I will be here to help encourage and empower you every step of the way.  


+ Exclusive Living Well Co member's only website with recipes, protocols, classes, safety info, and how-to guides
+ A community to support you

+ Exclusive Biz Mentorship training (optional but so great if you are looking to earn extra income from home)

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Once you’ve checked out, send me an e-mail to let me know, and I’ll send you back a bunch of welcome resources!
Then, you'll be able to join our private education group to learn everything you need to know!

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