Does this sound familiar?

Are you wondering how to get all this "stuff" done that is piling up and you don't have the energy to feeling like...

  • you are struggleing with sleeping for months 
  • your thoughts travel to the worst situation almost immediately 
  • your anger is quick to rise to the surface 
  • your outlook on life’s day-to-day activities is at best apathetic
  • and the smallest problems seem catastrophic

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above and are ready to break free to reignite your lioness within ...

.... let's start with my "7 Tips to a More Positive You"!

 I started... to take this matter into my own hands and started "digging deep" into this hot mess, myself.
Piece by piece, my health improved, and wanted to share more of this knowledge and I became a naturopath and opened my own practice to help others heal themselves. But I wanted to reach even more people, share and empower them on their healing journeys.

Health doesn't have to be complicated!

That's when I also met with like-minded colleagues, therapists, and coaches, creating a community dedicated to natural well-being and inspired them to help their clients with deep routed ancient knowledge and simple solutions. As life took me across continents, my partner and I embraced an independent lifestyle.

No matter where you are, you can tap into your inner power to improve your health and follow your dreams. Living healthy and taking care of your health does not have to be complicated. 

Say goodbye to hopelessness and frustration, and hello to a world of possibilities and vibrant health.
Join me on this incredible adventure of holistic living. Together, we can unlock your potential, nourish your body, mind, and soul with simple steps and create a life filled with abundance, joy, and well-being. 

Let's make holistic living a way of life, no matter where you are.
It all began with a decision to change. A decision that was mine and only mine to make.
A Little More About Me

Things I don't want to live without...

our tropical, drama-free home,
my independence to live and work from anywhere

I am from...

Hamburg, Northern Germany

On the weekends I am...

reading books, going with the flow
trying new recipes

My favorite movie is...

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them."

Something people don't
know about me...

Butterflies make me nervous

My favorite place on this planet...

my "happy bubble" anywhere, together with "my man" and our furry friends

Are you looking for a Happier & Healthier version of you?

Then download my "Workbook" to "7 tips to a More Positive You" here to start seeing more mental strength to reigneite your best version of you again!

My passion is to empower the lioness within each of us. and help people just like you stand up and discover the courage and bravery within, to take your physical, emotional healthy independency into your own hands… and thrive! 

Let’s do this together! Download the "7 Days to a More Positive You" here to start with a good set of mind to move forward and believe in you. 

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