Once we start using essential oils topically, one of the first ways to often present noticeable benefits is to our skin.  

Essential oils can support aging, tired or sensitive skin in a variety of ways. Depending on the oil being used, the properties can range from calming, soothing, cleansing, restoring, softening, or purifying, to name a few.

You can apply essential oils topically to your skin neat or diluted, depending on the oil being used. Reference the bottle to know how to use each one. Also, make sure to get a great skin care reference guide. (Ideas listed below!)

When incorporating essential oils into your skin care regime, you'll want to follow these steps using all-natural skin care products: Cleanse, Tone, apply essential oils to face (diluted or neat), hydrate, moisturize.     


Beyond topical application, there are other ways we can support our skin and incorporate essential oils. Drinking NingXia Red or water infused with YL Vitality oils is a great way to support cleansing, which can contribute to a healthy skin glow. 

Other techniques, like using a facial roller, can also support skin rejuvenation and tightening. As long as you avoid the eye area, you can even roll essential oils into the skin. 

Using essential oils for skin care is just one of the many ways essential oils can be used as a part of a healthy lifestyle for Everyday Wellness. If you're interested in increasing your intake of pure essential oils for skin brightening, acne treatment, aging support or simply just to refresh or detoxify your skin care regimen, you will be glad to know that Young Living has a wonderful line of naturally derived and clean skin care products! 
A little bit about Young Living Skin & Body Care
Check out these three amazing lines of clean skin care by YL. Here is what you need to know. 
Bloom: This is the Young Living brightening and skin-tone evening skin care line. It contains all-natural mica, for a touch of illumination. 

ART: This is the age-refining skin care line by Young Living and it is fabulous for aging or mature skin. Gentle and effective, this is a wonderful skin care line to try. 

Orange Blossom: This skin care line is fantastic for dry or oils skin, youth or those with acne-prone skin.

Our skin is our largest organ. When it comes to protecting, nourishing and giving all the TLC it needs, Young Living has our back with clean, effective body care products. 
 Body butters, moisturizers, facial scrubs, hair and skin oils, and amazing-smelling all-natural soaps for hands and body are just the tip of the iceberg of what we have access to through Young Living. Like all Young Living skin care, Young Living body care is infused with YL essential oils, making these products even more nourishing and therapeutic. They smell simply divine! I love that we can trust they are clean and safe for your home and health.

Another powerful way to use Young Living essential oils, beyond topical use for skin care or massage, is internally for targeted support. Young Living has a one-of-a-kind line of essential oils suitable for internal use, called Vitality Oils. These oils are the same oils as the non-Vitality oils, only they are labeled in a white label so that there is no confusion as to which are able to be used internally! 

Some favorite ways to use Vitality essential oils are for culinary flavoring, in NingXia Red or a tsp of honey to take them as a supplement, or to flavor beverages, such as fizzy water. 
Ideas For Using YL Vitality Oils
Every body system can be supported with Young Living Vitality Essential Oils. The benefits can often be felt within moments. The molecules of essential oils are so small that they travel through the body quickly and effectively.

There are many essential oils in the Vitality collection, but these are a few member favorites. Hormone support, digestion, immunity & respiratory support are areas many of use need tools for.
1-2 drops of Vitality essential oil to a tsp of honey, 4 drops added to a clear vegetable capsule and taken orally, or added to your favorite beverage are all simple & easy methods to use your Vitality Oils.
A Vitality Oil Recipe
You'll love this tasty flavor. 
This Infused Olive Oil & Vinegar recipe will last a long time and makes a beautiful gift, too!

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