Happy Hormones - Video Class Zoom with Courtney Critz
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Bundles & Products mentioned in this class:

To Start With:

Adrenal Love Wellness Box (Daily Wellness Kit, Nutmeg Vitality, Super B, Mineral Essence, EN-R-Gee)


Nourishing Our Hormones:
  • Ningxia Red
  • Green Omega 3 
  • Super B
  • Mineral Essence
The Endocrine System :
  • EndoGize
  • EndoFlex
What Your Cycle is Telling You:
  • FemiGen
  • Progessence Plus
Thyroid Trouble:
  • Thyromin
  • EndoFlex
  • Myrtle
  • Myrrh
  • Idaho Blue Spruce
  • Nutmeg
Adrenal Glands:
  • PowerGize
Stress Takes a Toll:
  • Cortistop
  • PD 80/20
Emotional Roots to Our Health Issues:
  • Nutmeg
  • En R Gee (diffusing)
As We Age:
  • Regenolone
  • Prenolone +
  • SclarEssence
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© Cornelia Mikolash