I would love to share a little bit with you about the essential oil collection found in the Premium Starter Kit. This collection of essential oils is the best place to start when learning to use essential oils for wellness and healthy living. Each individual oil has dozens of uses, but I'd love to highlight a few of the most popular uses for each oil here. And I would love to chat with you further about these oils as well. Reach out to me with specific questions or needs anytime!

Lemon Vitality

- Uplifting to emotions
- Cleansing
- Purifying


- Calming
- Regenerating 
- Relaxing

Stress Away

- Tranquility in a bottle
- Eases tension
- Warm citrus and vanilla aroma


- Balancing
- Restorative 
- Supports feelings of courage and will


- Invigorating aroma
- Supports deep breathing
- Soothing

Peppermint Vitality

- Digestive support
- Soothing
- Supports mental alertness


- Soothing to joints & muscles after exercise
- Warming to the body
- Perfect for massage

Thieves Vitality

- Cleansing and purifying
- Protective and strengthening 
- Immune and respiratory support


- High frequency essential oil
- Grounding
- Calming to the mind and body

Digize Vitality

- Supports healthy digestion
- Spicy and earthy aroma
- Add to capsules to take with a meal

Citrus Fresh Vitality

- Delicious beverage enhancer
- Supports healthy weight 
- Energizing and uplifting

Peace & Calming

- Diffuse before bedtime for restful sleep
- Calming and relaxing
- Perfect for children or adults

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