Global Wellness Journey: 5 Major Ways to support your Immune System

In this  blog post, the author discusses various ways to support your immune system on a daily basis. They dive into the immune-boosting properties of echinacea, highlighting its ability to combat invaders and suggesting incorporating it into daily routines through herbal teas or supplements. The author also explores the benefits of elderberry, emphasizing its role in fighting off colds and bugs, while ginseng is praised as a natural ally for the immune system. Bone broth is introduced as a comforting option for immune and digestive health, and ginger is hailed as a wellness wizard that supports a healthy inflammatory response. 

The article also mentions the antioxidant power of green tea and the importance of vitamin C-rich foods in boosting the immune defense. Finally, the author suggests Young Living's Super C Tablet, which contains high levels of vitamin C and essential oils for increased effectiveness and absorption. Ultimately, embracing these power foods and herbs is not just about conquering the world but investing in a resilient immune arsenal for a healthy journey.

Your Immune System's Whispering: Are You Listening?

This blog post is about the importance of a healthy immune system for frequent travelers and independent individuals. Listing signs of a weakened immune system and offering tips to support it. These tips include managing stress, eating immune-boosting snacks, maintaining gut health, getting enough nutrients, and seeking guidance from healthcare professionals. The post emphasizes the need to prioritize health and listen to one's body.

It also explores the benefits of daily essential oil diffusion for respiratory health as healthy habit stacking . Explaining how diffusing oils can purify the air, soothe sinuses, support the immune system, and provide allergy relief. Specific oils are recommended for each benefit, and the post stresses the importance of consistent use. A list of recommended oils, a recipe, and information about an email class: "Immune System 101 & handout" are provided.