Several years ago, I often experienced terrible pain all over my body. So terrible that it is difficult to describe. I was popping pain pills like candy and was so frustrated and angry that all of this was happening to me. Depression and exhaustion quickly settled in.

I was unable to accomplish even the most simple tasks when these uncontrollable events came about. This quickly escalated when, one day I found myself lying on the floor in a fetal position, painful in the worst way, not able to stand up or even call for help. I was gasping for air, unable to raise my voice or even crawl out of the room.

That was scary! We say in Germany “I hit the ground of the well.” Yet, upon reflection, that was the moment of my new beginning.

Now, years later, I see it as a kind of awakening. Something had to change. My back against the wall.

I was seen by one doctor after another. They all found something but none of them found a solution. I had a cluster of symptoms, possibly caused by many possible reasons. The doctors called it idiopathic, or “arises spontaneously or causes unknown”. Hence my frustration.

It was recommended to undergo hormone therapy. What I call “artificial menopause”. Not an option for me. My wedding was right around the corner and I wanted to have children.

My hands tied, all that could be done was to take this matter into my own hands and dig deep into this hot mess, myself.

I read everything that I could find and learned a lot about the beautiful composition of our bodies. Including toxins, emotions, nutrition and so much more. From that moment on and step by step, everything fell into place and my health began to improve. To be clear, it was not always easy.

I was certain that “This Situation will not kill me”

Looking back, I remember that moment when I decided to choose happiness and liberation that began my new journey, my new path.

This adventure has taken me by the hand and revealed many simple realizations. Health doesn't have to be complicated. With a few simple changes in our daily lives, many possibilities unfold like a flower. 

Today, I am blooming.

It all began with a decision to change. A decision that was mine and only mine to make. Dear reader, you can bloom as well.

I'm so glad you found me! 

I'm Cornelia Mikolash, and today I am blessed to be thriving well into my "middle" years, filling my heart, mind and time with the things I love most.

I'm on a mission to empower women to nurture themselves and their wellness, and create a life they truly desire, so they can thrive in their online business like I do.

If that sounds like you, keep reading! 

Hi, I'm Cornelia Mikolash

... and one day, I was standing there, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work, health issues and life obstacles without a clue where and how to start, I mean .. broken down into one step after the other, little pieces to swallow. step. Often, as a therapist you are your worst client. 

Following simple small steps, that turned into routines - helped me physically, emotionally and mentally to get out of the slump into moving and thriving again - just step-by-step.

When you don't feel well, there are so many ways and tips that might be confusing and overwhelming. Where to start? With all at once? What are the priorities? To change all the things at once is so challenging and it brings us sometimes in a paralized empty space of .. holy moly, what do I do? How can I do that? 

Is that you? Tired of being tired and confused? Let's talk.

© Cornelia Mikolash