Raindrop Explained 15.06.

A Wellness tool for every Home!

When you’re looking for 
• something to soothe tense & fatigued muscles
• a way to support your immune & digestive systems 
• help to detox your body systems
Plus some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. The Raindrop Technique is for you!

Be prepared for this event to take off your shoes and experience this special set of oils on your feet.

In the “Raindrop Explained” you will get to know the oils and one simple technique called "roll & release” as a way to integrate the raindrop oils into your wellness toolbox immediately. 
After this introduction, you might want to learn all different techniques and a deeper understanding of the impact this set of oils can have on you and your loved ones. There will be a full training at the end of the month available.

Experience event: 
$20 per person - RSVP required - space is limited
(handout & a refreshment included)

Mounelli, Isla Verde: google maps

Register via WhatsApp 
by clicking the button 👇🏼 below

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