Our best tips and essential oils for sleepy time!

Our best tips and essential oils  for sleepy time!

Many of us don’t get enough sleep and many of us are unable to get enough sleep.  The worst case is insomnia.

Cornelia MikolashYou probably KNOW all of this but let’s review. Ryan Mikolash
When we are not getting at least 7 but preferably 8 hours of sleep, there are many negative effects.  These include premature aging [ladies, hellooo!], short-term memory loss, brain fog, a lack of energy and so much more. 

It also limits our ability to comprehend new things. When I [Ryan] was at university for my architecture degree, pulling all-nighters was an expected part of the program.  This led to several poor performances when taking exams and defending my designs. These days, it is common for us to turn to stimulants such as energy drinks when we need a little boost.  Keep in mind that we are not here to tell you how to live your life but we highly encourage that everyone out there avoid energy drinks. They are incredibly harmful in several ways but that is another topic for another time.

The extreme case is insomnia.  Our hearts go out to anyone suffering from this.  This scenario is dangerous and can lead one to literally go crazy or simply lose the will to continue.  Rest in peace, Heath Ledger, you beautiful man.

Many people also turn to sleeping pills but almost all doctors agree that these should NOT be taken for extended periods of time.  Some of them limit your body’s ability to absorb vitamin B.  Eventually bad things can happen.  Many over-the-counter sleeping pills simply use alcohol to induce sleepiness.

But it suppresses your R.E.M. sleep. This is our deepest of four sleep stages. This stage is thought to play a role in memory and learning consolidation.

Sleep is our body and mind time.  A time for regeneration and repair.  It is therefore VITAL to our health and happiness.

Many older people that are only able to sleep for 4-6 hours every night feel that this is just something that we have to accept but we don’t agree with this do you?

I [Cornelia] have had phases in my life when I only slept 3-4 hours per night. That was when we met and had these time differences. That was crazy. Of course you can train your body and push it...but it comes at a price.

There are many techniques that we would like to suggest, to help you get better sleep but we can’t cover them all today. Your mileage may vary so if you try something that we cover today and still have trouble sleeping, reach out to us and we will try something else.


So first, let’s talk about stress.  
This is the BIGGEST contributor to our restlessness and that makes sense.  There’s countless amounts of advice out there about how to deal with stress.  

We all know that exercise is a KEY factor when it comes to our health and dealing with stress.  But the time of day you exercise can actually affect your sleep as well.  


We used to go camping as often as we could and we always seemed to have a great night’s sleep.  It turns out that there is a good reason for that. It would get really cold at night.  This made it easier for our core body temperature to cool down. As a result, it’s not a GREAT idea to exercise within 6 hours of sleepy time.  Your body-heat INcreases when exercising...and your body needs enough time for it’s core temperature to DEcrease... if you want to ACHIEVE proper sleep. 

If your bedroom is steamy at bedtime, that will work against you. The optimal room temperature for sleep is 16-19 degrees Celsius [that’s 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit, for Americans]. So that’s REALLY cold, especially here in the tropics.  It’s unreasonable to get our bedrooms at that temperature. Just keep in mind that the temperature of your bedroom matters.


Here’s a simple one, try not to consume any caffeine after 2pm. Caffeine is a stimulant and stimulants affect each of us for different lengths of time.  

Screen Time

And now, let’s talk about screen time.  Everywhere we turn in modern life, there is a screen of some kind.  

Screen time...before sleepy time...may inhibit your sleep!

That is because cell phones, computer and TV monitors emit blue light, which fools our brains into thinking that the sun is still up.

Here are a few suggestions: 
As the sun sets, our screens should also set. Modern smartphones and computer monitors have a night-time setting. That is when your monitor turns into that strange yellow. But your eyes will quickly adjust to the point where you don’t really notice.  

Separately, try not to have your cell phone at your bedside.  Many of us can’t resist checking our phone’s late-night notifications. If you use your phone as a waking alarm, at least turn off wifi and data.  It works.  I do that.  Otherwise try something else...get creative.  A rooster, perhaps.

And now for some sleepy-time essential oils and blends that work really well for us.:

Cedarwood essential oil 

[Cornelia] This one is my man’s FAVORITE before sleepy time.  IT’S WOODSY!...and has an herbaceous scent…...It works wonderfully on its own or in combination with lavender.

Lavender Essential Oil 

It is my Go TO when I want to calm down and feel more balanced. I love to drink a cup of Moringa tea before bed time and I add one drop of Lavender vitality to it. I really like the taste and soon feel more relaxed.  It’s very smooth and balancing...

Rutavala or Rutavala roll on 

This is a blend. It has a strong and herbaceous scent. Its name comes from its 3 ingredients: Ruta graveolens, Valerian [perhaps you have heard about it], and Lavender.  These are 3 calming, relaxing and very potent essential oils.  This is a wonderful blend to assist in deep and restful sleep.

Valor or Valor roll on 

is another blend…it has a curious dark-blue color.  Try making THIS a part of your sleepy-time routine.  It feels grounding and aligning.  It’s very beneficial after a day of hard, physical work. 

Stress Away or Stress Away roll on 

Its name is self explanatory.
We have used it A LOT within the last year.  Moving here was VERY exciting BUT this year has had some challenges.  Use Stress Away when you’re stressed about situations or family and need a little help to switch off.

Peace & Calming or Peace & Calming roll on

Its name says it all. Its aroma is sweeter, a bit citrusy and apparently, kids LOVE it. I used to massage the feet of my nephew with it before bedtime.  He wasn’t speaking but knew exactly what he wanted.  He would show me his little feet while I was tucking him in.  Adorable. 

How does one use these oils?  

Well...you can apply it...inhale it...or diffuse it.

When directly applying oils, rub them into soft areas like the inside of the wrists, on the temples, on the nape of the neck or even the bottom of your feet.

To inhale an oil…...just drop a drop into your palm…...rub…...and inhale……….

Lastly, oils can be diffused.  Put an oil that we suggested today, into a diffuser at your bedside before sleepy time and it will diffuse your bedroom while you sleep. Everybody in the bedroom will benefit ... also your dog or cat :)

Look into a Starter bundle HERE to have most of the above mentioned oils. 
It comes with a diffuser so you can start diffusing right away!


You have likely heard about this. But the Young Living CBD is special.  We could go on and on about that...and will in a different poast but in short, it holds unmatched quality and immense benefits.
[Cornelia] - I have recently translated THE book...a definitive authority...about CBD into German … and I have learned a ton about its many qualities … and SLEEP assistance is just the beginning.

Ryan - Shifting gears a bit here.  A special place in my heart goes out to any of my fellow veterans out there. If you are suffering from PTSD, you know how this condition negatively affects your daily life… and sleep issues are just one of them.  Reach out to us when you are ready. 
We hope that you ALL get a lot of deep and well deserved sleep.

Do you want to go deeper and know more about stress, sleep, and sadness?

We all know that  are three words that do not pair well together. Too much stress usually equals too little sleep, which in turn leaves us more tired, more cranky, and more stressed. So how do we stop the vicious cycle?  Learn how we can stay more calm and relaxed during the day and enjoy better sleep at night to live a happier life.

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Essential oils for cleaning

Essential oils for cleaning

You can also enhance your cleaning with essential oils!

Essential oils can be diffused to freshen the air, naturally deodorize any space, and enhance your cleaning products!  Adding a few drops of essential oils such as Lemon, Pine, Purification®, Tea Tree and of course Thieves or Thieves Cleaner or your DIY cleaners is great way to improve your home cleaning.
These are some of our favorite oils to add to your cleaning routine.  Tell us your favorite oils to clean with below!
Often found in cleaners and soaps, Lemon’s citrus scent is an indispensable freshener in any home and is a cleaning must-have.
  • Lemon has an energizing and uplifting aroma.
  •  It makes a great adhesive remover!  Use a few drops to naturally remove stickers, labels and goo from surfaces!
  •  Add a few drops to your laundry detergent or wool dryer balls for a pleasant, refreshing aroma.
  •  Add a few drops of Lemon to your surface cleaning solution to clean your floors, surfaces and windows.
  •  Add a few drops to your toilet bowl to keep the room smelling fresh.  Pro tip: Put a few drops in the bowl before you go to keep the room smelling fresh.  It's a game changer.
  •  Make a toilet spritz by combining 15 drops of Lemon to a ½ cup of rubbing alcohol and add ½ cup of distilled water.  Save it in a glass spritzer bottle.  Keep it handy to spray toilets before using to avoid smells from filling the room.


  •  Pine essential oil is steam distilled from the needles of the Pinus sylvestris tree, which originates in Austria, the United States and Canada.
  • Refresh your home with the rich aroma of Pine.  This essential oil is a great addition to floor surface cleaners and creates an aroma reminiscent of fresh air and the outdoors.
  • It adds a clean, sweet scent to your home when diffused!
  • Add it to your Thieves Household Cleaner to mop your floors.
  • Combine Pine with water and spray it on carpet for a fresh smell after vacuuming.
  • Add a few drops of Pine to olive oil and Thieves Household Cleaner to shine your wood furniture and floors.
  • Replace overpowering aerosol fragrance sprays with Purification.  This blend is great to keep your home and laundry fresh.
  • Purification is a blend of six essential oils for the ultimate tool against odors: Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle and Tea Tree.
  • It creates a refreshing, bright scent that keeps you and your family happy and comfortable.
  • Add a few drops to the laundry to give your wash a great-smelling boost.
  • Place a few drops on cotton balls or wood clothes pins and stash them wherever necessary: the car, closets and drawers, air vents, shoes or even gym bags.
  • Create your own air freshener by mixing 5 drops of Purification and 2–3 drops of your favorite essential oil.  Add a cup of distilled water into a glass spritzer bottle a nd attack offensive smells after cooking.  You can also use it to freshen your linens.
Tea Tree
  • Tea Tree is best known for its ability to get rid of musky, undesired odors.  Diffuse it anywhere that needs some refreshing.
  • Tea Tree is a great natural deodorizer.
  • Mix 5 drops of Tea Tree and 3 drops of Lavender with a cup of baking soda to make your own carpet powder.  Sprinkle it over carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then vacuum away!
  • This blend is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils.
  • When diffused, Thieves fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma.
  •  Add a few drops to your dishwasher or dish water to thoroughly clean your dishes and eliminate odors.
  • Add a few drops of Thieves to a cotton ball and leave it resting on your air conditioning vent to infuse your room with its spicy, sweet aroma and eliminate odors.
  • Mix 1 part Thieves Household Cleaner to  3 parts baking soda to create a thick, deep-cleaning paste.  Apply the mixture to desired areas and scrub thoroughly.

There are so many different ways to get started with the essential oils.
Just shoot me a question.

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Let's hang some dirty laundry [Vlog]

Let's hang some dirty laundry [Vlog]

Find more recipes and my FREE ebook

7 step household makeover - register HERE

Yes, you can find the dryer balls that we like right HERE
Thank you!

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quick and easy 1 ingredient laundry recipes

quick and easy 1 ingredient laundry recipes
www.cornelia-mikolash.comSince living in Panama we are doing the laundry waaaay more often than before in the Northwest of the US. What makes the difference? well.. in the US it was high desert, that means dry climate, humidity at it's lowest at 12% and 4 seasons per year. Here now in tropical Panama we have dry season about 3-4 months and rain season 8-9 months - humidity always high - in comparison to where we lived before.
With temperatures between 26-30C depending on the region and altitude ... and in combination with high humidity and tropical rainstorms ...I guess you get the picture, the results are, lots of sweating, wet towels and swim suits, fast growing mold and such - THAT leads us to do laundry more often.

Being aware of the destroying impact of household cleaning product toxicity on environment, ocean and EVERY creatures health. (Check out here the Dirty Dozen) what the American Lung Association has published. It explained how so many common household cleaning products can lead to health problems like eye and throat irritation, headaches, respiratory issues, allergic reactions, worsened asthma, and possibly even cancer! Yuck!! 

We neither want that for us or for our cat nor for our planet.

Lets just have a look into 4 of my most favorite simple changes we have made when it comes to laundry - for more recipes scroll down to the end and get my ebook with more household cleaning recipes.

quick and easy 1 ingredient laundry recipes:

Laundry detergent: 

Great tip when you have to travel light.. the Thieves Household Cleaner comes highly concentrated in 2 bottle sizes or in small packages, which are great to bring with you when traveling or moving ;) 
There is a laundry detergent that is absolutely amazing. Also highly concentrated, most of us dilute it heavily and make out of one bottle of laundry soap 3 bottles. Because it is such a powerhouse we only buy one bottle instead of 3 - THAT is caring and taking responsibility of our planet :)

Dryer Balls: 

Order yourself some Organic wool dryer balls from Amazon or get them the next time you are at Trader Joe's drop 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil on 2 of the balls and throw into your dryer. Also great to "freshen up" and unwrinkle your favorite blouse or summer dress before you go your next party :)

Here are my favorite Essential oils (EO) and oil blends for the dryer balls:
Thieves blend: Neutralizes and purifies the air from strong odors, Freshens any atmosphere 
Purification blend: Produces a clean, invigorating aroma,  and Freshens musty and stale areas with its lively scent
Tea tree EO: Helps eliminate musky odors

Dryer sheets:

Seedlings baby wipes: great tip for travelers. When you want to have a clean and natural wipe for a quick refreshment at airports or on the road. The seedlings baby wipes do not contain alcohol or harsh chemicals that will dry out your (or babys skin) quite the opposite. I like to use them as makeup remover, "underarm quick fix", for "kitten feet, fur and buts" or as non toxic dryer sheet alternative.

DIY stain remover:

Thieves Household Cleaner in a roll on or dropper bottle, undiluted. Rollon or drop on the nasty stain, tap it in with a sponge until foamy, let it sit for 20min and throw it directly as is in your laundry. I have removed fresh red beet stains, ball pen - mostly out of whites.. it seems that i spill way more when I wear whites... can you relate?

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The Sunday Spin - LIVE - from Panama Episode #9

The Sunday Spin - LIVE - from Panama Episode #9

The video will start when our interview slot starts.. 

LIVE on the show with Austin Hess.

When I saw him on Facebook, I had no idea who he was or what he does.
I only send him a message because he is in Panama and carries my maiden name :) of course I am curious then.

Turned out, that he is an awesome guy who cares a lot about Panama and started his LIVE show "The Sunday spin".
And "schwupps" couple of weeks later we are on the show talking about our life in Panama and how we help people and about our online business.

Please ENJOY!
.. when you want to find out more about Panama and people who live here.
Find his youtube channel HERE

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