How toxic is fragrance?

how toxic are fragrances, perfumes and colognes?

We’ve all been there—you’re walking through a department store and some overly-enthusiastic salesperson has sprayed you with their newest fragrance. 

You barely have time to register that you’ve been doused in an overpowering scent before you’re quickly ushered away from the cloud of stench. I often ride in taxis and good old Uber. The drivers almost always have an “air freshener”..... Freshener?

The F... word nobody talks about ...

It is an area that can create an incredible impact on you and your family's overall well-being with a teeny tiny bit of change. A hard fact to wrap our minds around is that the government really has no idea whether most of the chemicals we use in our cleaning products are safe.


Fragrances, scented candles and perfumes

Fragrances and other toxic ingredients

When you think of candles or air fresheners, how do they  make you feel? 
Snuggly? Warm? Cosy? Which memories are coming up?

Often, WHAT you feel when burning candles is linked to your memories and how they smell. The limbic system - that is the center of your brain - which connects emotions and memory -  is strongly linked to scent. 
Scents are connected to memories, whether good or bad. Smelling them can bring back those same feelings that are imprinted on your limbic system

We are all familiar with certain things that we smell that trigger a memory. Of course there are options...

Why Essential Oils - what's the fuzz?

Essential Oils the basics

Essential oils can be applied topically, diffused or inhaled aromatically, or in the case of Vitality Oils they can be used internally. The versatility & simplicity of essential oils makes them a fun, enjoyable and easy piece of your wellness routine to learn and adapt to.