Christmas Spirit - DIY ideas
Christmas Spirit is a blend of evergreen, citrus, and spice—Northern Lights Black Spruce, Orange, and Cinnamon Bark—and is reminiscent of winter holidays to evoke memories of joy, happiness, comfort, and security. 

  • Orange essential oil has a bright aroma that is believed to bring joy, peace, and happiness to those who possess it.
  • Cinnamon Bark essential oil is the oil of wealth from the Orient. 
  • Black Spruce essential oil has an aromatic influence that brings a feeling of balance and grounding. 
This is THE blend for the season, so no matter how you use it, make sure to have it around you this month! 
Use this oil to help you processes any grief or negative memories from years past.

  • Make a festive room spray:
    • 2oz glass spray bottle
    • 20 drops Christmas Spirit
    • 10 drops Pine (optional)
    • Splash of witch hazel
    • Fill with filtered water
  • To your natural Household Cleaner
    Add 20 drops of Christmas Spirit to your Thieves Cleaner for a festive twist! 

  • Bath and Shower gel or Lotion
    Add Christmas Spirit to your bath and shower gel or lotion for an instant boost of cheer and happiness!

  • DIY Beeswax Candles
    Use this incredible oil blend to make DIY Beeswax Candles to fill your home with the warmth of the season - and make a few for your friends and neighbors!

  • Greenery Spray
    Make a Greenery Spray to refresh fresh wreaths and garlands all season long. You can also use this as a room or upholstery spray!
    • Greenery Spray
      • To a 2oz glass spray bottle add:
      • 25 drops Christmas Spirit 
      • 10 drops Pine
      • 5 drops Clove
      • A splash of witch hazel
      • Fill with filtered water

  • A Passive Diffuser
    Drop Christmas Spirit onto any porous decor for a passive diffuser! Think pine cones, wood slices, wooden trees, greenery, lava beads, etc. Just make sure to test an area for discoloration or place on the underneath of your decor.
    • Alternatively, drop Christmas Spirit oil onto cotton rounds, tissues or small cloths and place in inconspicuous places - the bottom of waste cans, in air vents, inside drawers, etc. 

  • More DIYs
    Use Christmas Spirit in any of your favorite DIYs - sugar scrubs, coffee scrub, body butter, etc. 

  • Diffuser Bombs - perfect for THIS season
    Diffuse this blend that is perfect for the season:
    • Mulled Cider: Christmas Spirit, Grapefruit, Clove, Lime
    • Tis the Season: Christmas Spirit, Pine, Tangerine
    • Winter Wonderland: Christmas Spirit, Vanilla
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