Alpha pinene, Sesquiterpene.... Are you speaking english??

Have you read about the ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and the profound impact a positive mindset can have on your life. 

Now let's talk about our favorite essential oil that can help your mind function!

Clarity - clear the mind of unnecessary distractions and encourage concentration
Brain Powerwhen you are trying to focus on tasks
Common Sensewhile making decisions, when in meetings, or at work

Frankincense is one of the most popular single oils to support the mind, and for a good reason! It is high in a constituent called alpha-pinene which is a sesquiterpene. So what does that even mean??

WELL.. it can do something exceptional. It does something that most molecules can't do, cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver oxygen molecules directly to cells. These sesquiterpenes stimulate the brain's limbic system and other glands within the brain, promoting memory and releasing emotions.

Isn't that cool?! 

Go ahead and give the power of Frank a try!

Rub a couple of drops on the back of your neck right at the base of your skull and then cup your hands together and inhale 5-6 deep breathes every day for 30 days and see how it makes you feel!

Ready for better focus and clarity?
Begin your day with brain supporting oils.

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