Living year round in sunny Panama changes a bit the perspective of another summer day ... I remember well, when I was living in Hamburg, Germany which is high up North almost at the coast where Northern Sea and Baltic Sea meet (to be precise, thats in Denmark, but ... relatively seen, Hamburg is pretty close to that 😜)

We were always so excited when the first soft sun rays warm the surroundings and give nature a fast light green and purple fur of spring plants exploding. Lot's of plans to get outside wishing for the sunshine to be "stable". 

Summer can be one of the best, most fun times of the year, and it can also be one of the most overwhelming times. We hear a lot of talk about the slow, relaxing days of summer, and that’s true to an extent, but when you have an online business, live in the sun all year round with again a social life, summer time can feel anything but slow. 

Summertime living is easy — or so it seems. Between planning trips to the beach or the interior, the mountains to cool offf a bit, activities within the community AND trying to get things done at your business - also summer can be more distractive than carefree.
All the little things you’re juggling can add to lots of stress: Contrary to popular belief, a new study from the American Physiological Society says that stress can rise in the summer.  If you’re feeling stressed, you’re not alone, and there are plenty of ways to decrease your stress levels and keep your emotional health in check - truth is, most stress is home made. Ok, don't stop listening now, I know, it might upset you. That's what it did when I had to hear it years ago.. 
The really good news? It is in your hands, you can do something about it. Let's look into that.

You know I am going to talk about oils because they are beneficial when we are dealing with emotions and mindset but we are also going to dig into more info and tips.

Before you read on, stop right here, load your diffuser with this blend right now and feel yourself start to relax. 

Let's have a great day! 

Have you ever woken up feeling unstoppable and ready to seize the day? Perhaps you know someone who radiates this energy and confidence at the crack of dawn. Whether you’re a morning person or not, there’s no denying that the first moments set the mood for the rest of the day. Essential oils can be used to tap directly into the limbic system to stimulate memories and emotions. 
There are so many definitions for that single word. This is possibly because there is no scientific consensus on a single definition. Emotion represents a mental state associated with thoughts and feelings. It is a conscious experience with intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure. Emotion is often intertwined with mood, temperament, past experiences, personality, disposition, and motivation.

As you inhale essential oils, the tiny molecules enter the nasal cavity and pass by the olfactory bulb. Your olfactory bulb is a part of your limbic system and therefore your response to an aroma is going to be emotional before it can be rational.

This is great news! That means you can use essential oils to recall both good and bad memories. If they are bad, you can use the oils to help you release cellular memories stored in the body, allowing you to process and move past them.

We all regularly come in contact with reactions to smells. You walk into the house at dinner time and smell your favorite meal being prepared. Your emotions are instantly triggered by the fond memories you have of that meal and you feel joy. You smell the cologne your grandfather used to wear. It instantly triggers emotions based on your relationship. If you had a good relationship, you may feel emotions like love and joy. If you had a bad relationship or he has passed away, you may feel anger or sadness.

Incorporating essential oils into your morning routine can amplify your intentions and enhance your feelings of confidence so you can start your day from a place of strength. Layering and blending specific oils in distinct ways can help cultivate the right mindset to manifest your goals.

That’s why the founder of Young Living, D. Gary Young, put together an empowering essential oil routine, which is called “Gary’s Great Day Protocol” and my goodness, does that set the mood :)

If you’d like to learn about the Great Day Protocol in more detail, click the picture below and join in on our 4-day Great Day Protocol challenge!

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