One of the simplest ways to improve our health is by drinking more water.
In addition to assisting in crucial body functions, drinking plenty of water can provide several health benefits, including supporting digestion and metabolism, enhancing physical performance, promoting weight loss, and protecting cognitive health.

When our body needs more water, thirst is an unmistakable signal, but other signs can include:

- Fatigue and/or dizziness
- Foggy thinking and poor concentration
- Muscle cramps
- Dull, dry skin and/or pronounced wrinkles
- Infrequent urination; dark, concentrated urine
- Bad breath
- Mood swings
- Chills
- Back or joint ache
- Constipation
- Headache
- Sugar cravings

Here is a good formula to follow, when it comes to the question:

How much water should I drink per day:
  • if you're 150 pounds divided by 2 = 75
  • 75 ounces of water 

  • if you are 75 kilograms, drink 2.22 liters 
  • or calculate it HERE
So the formular is:
your body weight in kilo (pounds/2) and you have the amount of ounces that are recommended. 
32 oz are about 1 liter ... (33.814 exactly... but hey let's make a bit easier ok?)

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One of the simplest ways to improve our health,
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