• Feeling tired all the time? 
  • Struggling with stubborn weight gain that just won't budge, no matter how hard you work out or watch your diet?
  • Dealing with frequent mood swings and irritability? 
  • Having trouble falling or staying asleep? 
  • Experiencing those dreaded monthly hormonal fluctuations? 
  • Dealing with acne or other skin issues that just won't go away? 
  • Suffering from constant digestive issues that make it hard to enjoy food and socialize? 
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate or focus on tasks? 
  • Struggling with hair loss or brittle nails? 
  • Battling with low libido or a lack of sexual desire?
There are many hormones in the body, but the ones that tend to cause havoc when out of balance are the adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones. 

These work in a cycle together.

Thyroid hormones affect sex hormones.
Adrenal hormones affect thyroid hormones.
Sex hormones affect adrenal hormones.

So when one part of the cycle is out of balance, there are consequences for the entire endocrine system.

"There are quite a lot of things that actually can harm our endocrine system. When I ran into these imbalances decades ago, I found out that I did was not really aware of all of them. I trusted what I bought in the pharmarcy and when it said ... natural ingredients. I knew a little ... and it has brought me to where I am now, so no regrets. 
That's the beauty of this journey, we call life!"

Balance & Happiness - physically, emotionally, spiritually

Now, if you'd ask me about THE one thing that I have learned throughout all these years, I would tell you ... Our bodies work as a whole. Our lives work as a whole. Each part is dependent on the others, and each part affects the others. But what does this holistic view of health actually look like? It is crucial nowadays to know what we can do for our bodies, how to support it. 

What can I take against it?

And yes, you can get great help by TAKING something, don't get me wrong here, I do believe in supplementation and supporting the body on its journey! What I am missing often is the question "What can I AVOID and change"?

What did you bring here in the first place? Do you know? When it comes to happy hormones, there are quite a lot of signs and reasons that the imbalance did not start recently. 

Our bodies have an innate design

... that we can support and encourage with simple daily tools. Our lives are an interplay of mental, physical, and emotional health. Each one affecting the other, and each one an area where we can create nourishing routines that spill over into each of the other areas.

So let's shift our focus to a holistic view of our lives and health so you can move toward something better, something richer in all areas – including your hormone health.

Most Common Reasons Why your Hormones are not Happy!

Our bodies thrive on balance, and there are several factors that can throw off our happy hormones and actually harm your endocrine system:

1. Stress Monster: The arch-nemesis of balance!

When we're under constant stress, our endocrine system can go haywire. So, it’s time to show stress who's boss and find healthier ways to manage it. (Youtube: What your body needs to recover from daily stress)

2. Lack of Zzz's: 

Skimping on sleep can throw off our hormones faster than the speed of light. It's time to snuggle up and prioritize those precious snoozes for a harmonious endocrine system. (Turn Your Zzzs into Sweet Dreams)

3. Foodie Frustration: 

Those tasty treats loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats may be satisfying our cravings, but they can also wreak havoc on our hormones. Let's embrace a well-balanced diet that nourishes our endocrine system.

4. Exercise Excuses: 

Our endocrine system loves a good workout. But when we neglect exercise, it can lead to imbalances. So, let's lace up those sneakers and get moving in a way that brings joy to both body and mind. (this post is quite inspiring: 10 Surprising Health Benefits of walking ...)

5. Environmental Mischief: 

Our modern environment isn't always endocrine-friendly. Chemicals in everyday products can sabotage our hormonal harmony. Let's become savvy label readers and make informed choices about what we expose ourselves to. (check out this blog post "The F... word nobody talks about!")

6. Sleepover With Toxins: 

Pesticides and other toxins in our environment can mimic hormones, causing utter chaos. It's time to embrace a toxin-free lifestyle and kick those unwanted guests out of our system.

7. Happy Hormones, Happy Life: Emotions, emotions! 

Our emotional well-being plays a role in our endocrine balance. It's important to discover healthy coping mechanisms and surround ourselves with positivity. (here is a wonderful simple technique to support your emotional balance with essential oils)

8. Gut Feelings: 

Believe it or not, our gut health influences our endocrine system. A balanced and happy gut can support hormonal harmony. So, let's show our gut some love with nutritious foods, clean water (without micro plastic) and gut-friendly habits. 

(There are different options for an endocrine supporting diet / lifestyle, this is one I can stick for quite a long while without feeling, that I am missing anything: Opting for a Paleo Lifestyle)

Now that we've explored some potential triggers for endocrine imbalances, it's time to take charge. 

There are a lot of ways that offer a range of support towards a healthy endocrine system. With their pure and potent benefits, they might just help us restore that perfect balance we've been seeking.

By avoiding harmful chemicals, managing stress, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and incorporating naturally derived essential oils and products into our routines, you can give your happy hormones the support they need and maintain a balanced endocrine system. 

Take comfort in knowing that small steps towards a healthier, more natural lifestyle can truly make a big difference in our overall well-being. 

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