If you are new to using essential oils, the emotional tune up is a great way to gently introduce yourself to emotional healing with essential oils. The emotional tuneup is a simple, essential oil technique that will help you balance your daily moods and can help you let go of old emotional baggage.

It only takes a few minutes each morning, or if you prefer before sleeping each night to reduce daily upset irritation, sadness, and struggle for a deeper emotional detox. 

I like this one in peticular, because it is easy and the oils that are used are most common oils and oil blends.

 The power to change your emotions and limiting beliefs is already within you.

By breathing in and applying essential oils, you can quickly affect your brain's, chemistry and your body to shift your hidden emotional patterns and believes. This simple technique is very powerful if used daily, it only takes five to 10 minutes when used in the morning or in the evening, or both. If you want to.


Let's start with Valor 
  • apply 1 drop on the bottom of each foot
  • quick side note about the bottom of your feet:
    • there are all the different reflex zones of your body 🤗 (just saying)
  • if it is not possible to take off your shoes, apply valor on your wrists and on your tailbone
  • take six deep slow breaths with Valor. 
So you apply first and then you inhale six deep inhale, exhale.

What is Valor good for?
It is ground and center you, it balances the electrical flow in your body so you can receive greater benefits from the oils you are using AFTER Valor. 

And that's about it for the first spot already your feet. 
The second spot is our solar plexus. And that is if you're not familiar, what's the solar plexus or where that is. It's about that area where your stomach is. 

So a little bit on an, your, your ribs and a little bit above your navel. on that area, you have now two different oils, of your choice.


First lavender 
it calms body and mind and helps you turn inward, so that you are centered in spirit, as you go into activity for the day.

The second one would be lemon and lemon centers an overactive mind and uplifts your emotions. It is also gently cleansing to help you let go of outward focus and turn within.

The third area is on the area of your heart. And now we have three different oils you can choose from. One is Stress away, another one is R.C. and the last one is Joy. So you choose one oil, activate it, apply it to your heart and then inhale and exhale six times in a row, just relax and inhale exhale.

Let's go into these three different oils that you can choose from:

  • Stress away:
    Use this oil. If you need to let go of the worries and burdens that are weighing you down, it will help uplift your mood center your mind. So you can open your heart to your inner wisdom and peace. 

  • R.C.:
    The second oil blend is R.C. use this oil. If you want to release fear or grief, so you can breathe more easily. It's also useful. If you want to start living your life from your inner self, your true self. 
    Instead of being constantly affected by outer influence,

  • Joy:
    The third oil blend is Joy and it is used to open up your heart's desire and connect to your true inner self, a lovely oil. I really love this one. 

Now the fourth area that we apply and oil on is on your crown chakra, your crown chakra on top of your head optional. Also, you can apply that oil on your forehead and on the back of your neck, at the base of your skull. for the fourth area, you only have one oil and that is Frankincense. 

Frankincense is a wonderful oil. It's derived by a resin. This oil will deeply align you with spirit so that you can surrender to lead. spirit guide your day and be open to the, organizing power of the universe to bring you exactly what you need to fulfill your soul purpose and achieve your dreams.

These are the four areas. 

I just invite you to embrace this daily, simple routine, use it for a while and see what it does to you. I find it absolutely helpful to have a routine, to know which oils to use. 

Especially when I was in the beginning, when I started with essential oils, it helped me a lot to connect and feel, also to know what to do, while introducing my body to emotional healing with essential oils.

That's for me for now. stay adventurous.

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