Don’t say  “no” to chocolate ... just say “YES, dark please”
C’mon.  It’s the season when we all start to enjoy all those things we might not eat as much (because we know better) throughout the year. #beenthere #everyyear 🤣

Often there are only small changes to turn a harmful habit into a more healthy one 💫.

I have never been really good at changing everything immediately - and don’t tell me that I AM NOT ALLOWED - to do, eat, say something. That brings up my “little rebel” in me... and I will do quite the opposite 🤦🏼‍♀️

Let’s get back to chocolate:
it can be quite beneficial or your health, Studies in two prestigious scientific journals say dark chocolate -- but not white chocolate or milk chocolate -- is good for you. (read more here)

Lets look into some more benefits of dark chocolat:

- Very Nutritious

- Powerful Source of Antioxidants 

- May Protect Your Skin From the Sun 

So and to be clear with these statements, it has (like always) to do with quality.

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