Happy November! 

The air in our lungs, the sun rising every morning, the stars filling the sky every night, our friends, our family members, our homes, our jobs, even our oils - we have SO much to be thankful for! Don’t we? 

I’ve got something fun for you to try this month. Each morning, I want to challenge you to take a few minutes and think about 3 things you are grateful for. Write them down and focus your energy on them as you go about your day. Take note of how your attitude and demeanor may change as you continue to do this throughout the month.

Want to take it up a notch? Grab a bottle of the Gratitude essential oil blend and inhale it deeply as you think about all you are thankful for. Make sure you keep reading… I will be telling you all about this oil later on!


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Important Announcements

The 2021 Holiday Catalog products are live so get them added to your carts ASAP, especially if you are wanting them to give them as gifts this holiday season. And make sure you add at least 100 PV so you get FREE shipping within the US! 

I would love to hear what items you are snagging from the catalog! Everything looks so nice! 



WINTER Harvest:
When you have the chance of joining for this AMAZING experience, please make sure you go!
I have visited a couple of different farms and had a :hands on experience" - this is a very special one, I have heard and it is on my bucketlist! ---------------

Grab your snow gear—it’s time to harvest at the Highland Flats Tree Farm in Naples, Idaho. Join the Young Living team November 16, 2021 through January 22, 2022, for the experience of a lifetime. During your stay at the farm, you will help harvest and distill Young Living essential oils, bonding with farm team members in the snowy, picturesque setting of the Highland Flats Tree Farm.  CLICK HERE for more info. 

Featured Recipe

Did you know that Young Living carries food? Yep! One group of products I think you will enjoy is the Einkorn line. Einkorn is an ancient grain with more nutrients and less gluten than modern wheat, making it the perfect option for healthy, nutrient-dense meals and snacks. So I have a recipe you can try this month using the Einkorn flour. 

Check it out… 

 * please choose YOUR choice of milk. I know, I will use almond or coconut milk 🤩 since I make them fresh regularly.

Featured Product

Like I said earlier, we have SO much to be grateful for! Everywhere we turn - abundance of all kinds. While you are focusing on all the positives in your life, deeply inhale this oil and allow yourself to soak in these benefits. 



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